On Mon, Jan 27, 2003 at 10:06:22PM +0000, Paul Miller wrote:
> Everyone,
> Will fbsd + Win 3.1 coexist?  I know that you're probably asking why (I'm 
> asking this myself) but I may need to do it anyway.

<SHUDDER>  Rather you than me ;-)

> I've searched the online doc's/archives and can't find reference to it 
> (earliest Win OS mention is win95).

You could try bochs in the ports.  I used it for a while, and it's pretty
good.  And you don't have to reboot to enjoy the manifold pleasures
on offer in Win 3.1, and you can be sure it doesn't do anything 
pernicious and sneaky with your MBR.

Just a thought.


Daniel Bye

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