I would like to build a computer using a Intel Duo 2 Core processor, my first 
attempted at finding a compatible motherboard failed.  I do not remember 
having the same difficulties six years ago when I built my last computer.  
Does any one have any advice. I have looked at the hardware notes for 6.2 
Release http://www.freebsd.org/releases/6.2R/hardware-amd64.html#PROC and 
also the list of mother boards that were tested, kinda tested by other 
users .

I am think of building two, maybe computers, one which will replace my two 
PIII as a intranet toy (web server, groupware?, wireless AP, 
gateway/firewall), multimedia center (Mythtv, Mp3 player). The second will be 
a desktop that will hopefully be run multiple  virtual OS using  win4bsd 
until Xen is available.  I would perfer a microATX, I live in a small 

Is there a manufacturer anyone would recommend? A chipset that is support 
better than any other?  Does it come down to trial and error?  Intel does 
have some board which support Linux, at the very worst I can use that until I 
can get Freebsd working.

My first failed attempt was an Abit Fatal1ty F-190HD with a ATI Radeon Xpress 
1250 it does not boot any open source system, Freebsd x86/amd64, kunbuntu 
x64,  or opensolaris. I am going to borrow a copy of Windows Vista to verify 
it is a driver not faulty hardware. 
Thank You
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