SigmaX wrote:
> My FreeBSD 6.1 gateway box keeps freezing totally.  It seems to
> happen when there's a large burst of network traffic on my internal
> interface (i.e. download, flash movie, I-radio).
> I've already done a memtest, and it came out clean.  Any ideas as to
> what logs might help me trouble shoot?

I did the home-brew gateway initially, but then I discovered purpose-built
(Linux) distributions and never looked back.  My current gateway/router is an 
Dell with a Pentium 166 MHz, 32 MB SDRAM, and two 10/100 interfaces running

Installation is short and sweet (~15 minutes for a simple configuration once you
know what you're doing).  IPCop has an excellent WWW/CGI management interface,
and you can also get in via ssh if needed.  I regularly send ~6 MB/sec of ssh
traffic through it without any problems.  It runs for months on end without a
hitch.  The last time I needed to power cycle it (103 days ago) was to replace
the crashed hard drive.  I'm currently considering building a replacement based
on a K6-2/350 with two 10/100 interfaces (WAN and wireless) and two Gigabit
interfaces (LAN and DMZ).

There might similar distributions out there based on *BSD; try STFW, let us know
what you find, and how well they work.



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