"SigmaX asdf" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> My FreeBSD 6.1 gateway box keeps freezing totally.  It seems to happen
> when there's a large burst of network traffic on my internal interface
> (i.e. download, flash movie, I-radio).
> I've already done a memtest, and it came out clean.  Any ideas as to
> what logs might help me trouble shoot?

I'd still estimate that hardware is more likely than not to be the
cause of the problem; perhaps a power issue.

If you can get the kernel to dump into the debugger after the freeze,
that would be a big help.

You didn't mention what kind of Ethernet hardware is involved, but you
could search for past problems that others may have had.

Even on my fairly low-volume home servers (and firewall), I have found
that low-quality Ethernet hardware has caused a lot of problems...
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