Blah Blatz <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> Thanks for the responses to the previous ones.
> If I have successfully upgraded to xorg 7.2, and later I want to do
> a portupgrade of my installed ports to a newer version, and those
> include xorg or some xorg-related ports, do I have to again make
> sure that XORG_UPGRADE is set?
> Or, after having successfully upgraded to 7.2, can I forget about
> XORG_UPGRADE forever (at least, until the next time that I install
> xorg on a fresh box)?
> How long is it planned/expected to be so that people installing on a
> fresh box (or, depending on the answer to that last question,
> upgrading their existing 7.2+) have to know/remember XORG_UPGRADE?
> If I use portupgrade-devel to upgrade to 7.2, can I then go back to
> plain old portupgrade and not have to worry about it screwing up
> future updates to xorg/xorg-related stuff, or do I have to keep
> portupgrade-devel indefinitely?

As far as I can see, the variable won't have an effect on your future
upgrades.  I plan on sticking with portupgrade-devel until the regular
version catches up to where the -devel version is at now.
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