> 4) Find out how to keep updated / informed on updates to packages
>    I have installed, and do so where necessary.
> If anyone can advise, point me in the direction of tutorials
> or step by steps, on the above It would be greatly appreciated.
> I would like to understand why its not so great to just install
> everything from pkg_add, whats the advantages of ports etc 

Sorry, I don't know of a HOWTO specifically addressing it all like that.
But I can say that I always use pkg_add -v -r on initial installs (for
speed), and *then* upgrade using portmanager.

Lately I have started using a jail for building binary packages of
everything I want installed, and then doing a global upgrade by removing
all packages and installing the binary packages built in the jail. It's
fiddly, but works well in the end, and avoids problems you can run into
with portmanager as well as minimizing the time during which your
machine is not fully populated with packages.

As for portupgrade, I have honestly never understood how anyone manages
to use it for upgrades without difficulties. Whenever I try I run into
problems almost immediately, having to do with packages not getting
rebuilt even though they should and/or stale dependencies and whatnot in
the pkgtools package database. If someone has magic information here I'd
love to hear it.

/ Peter Schuller

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