On Mon, 25 Jun 2007, dhaneshk k wrote:

Hi all ,

To install Gnome Desktop environment for FreeBSD -6.2 , which method is most suitable and less time consumable ,

1 . I m plannig to do a portinstall /usr/ports/x11/gnome2 (how much time it will take on a normal p4 , 512 DDR machine ? ) I heard it will take 3 days or more is it ?

"normal p4" does not tell us anything about its frequency.
in a core-duo 3GHz it took about 12 hours in being compiled.

2 . is ther any speedy way to install Gnome desktop other than this ? if so which is that method ? how much time will it take ?


3 . In FreeBSdD6.2 release , what the role of the ISO image Disk No 2 ? I finished my installation with 6.2 ISO image disk 1 , whats more in disk 2 , while installation its is not asking Disc2, is it not necessary ?

disc 2 contains additional packages, I believe gnome is in disc 2.

pls give your comments on these  matters ..It will hep me a lot

thanks in advance

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