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> I have set some things to automatically start in the rc.conf like ssh 
> and apache by doing 'sshd_enable="YES"' and 'apache22_enable="YES"'. How 
> do I start things like Zope and Cyrus?

hi !
I think your questions have been answered. I just wanted to add that, in case
it wasnt obvious from the documentation, you can start those services without
having to restart your machine (it isn't MSWindows after all).

Simply run
/usr/local/etc/rc.d/[yourscript].sh start

Now, if you haven't got "yourscript_enable='YES' " in /etc/rc.conf , the above
line wont work (the script will try to start, parse rc.conf, realise the
service is disabled and bail out silently).

To bypass this, simply change 'start' with 'forcestart' and it'll start
regardless of what rc.conf says.

btw, /etc/ contains scripts and configurations from the FreeBSD system itself
(and software that is part of the FreeBSD OS). /usr/local/etc/ contains the
same thing for applications / services you installed (from packages and/or
ports). They hardly ever overlap.

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