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> Greetings-
> I'm a pretty new user of FreeBSD and I've enjoyed every minute of it so
> far.  
> I'm trying to update gcc via the package/ports system, but I've had a
> few problems.
> 'pkg_add -r gcc'
> Results in a error message that the file is unavailable.  This make
> sense, because the package it's looking for
> (
> tgz) does not exist.
> I downloaded the ports package (/usr/ports) and went into the /lang/gcc
> directory.  I first tried 'make.'  That ran for awhile, but when it

I don't see a "lang/gcc". I see a collection of lang/gcc<vers>. Did
you really go to lang/gcc32?

> finished, gcc still reported version '2.95.4.'  After that, I realized I
> should run 'make install.'  That ran for awhile, but in the end, when I
> ran gcc -v I still got this message-
> Using builtin specs.
> gcc version 2.95.4 20020320 [FreeBSD]

Which gcc did you run? the one that comes with the system - 2.95.4 -
is /usr/bin/gcc. The one the port installed is probably
/usr/local/bin/gcc, or /usr/local/bin/gcc32 or some such.

> I'd like to be using 3.2 so I'd be using the same compiler as my
> University's server. I could get the source from GNU and install that,
> but I'm trying to utilize the FreeBSD Package/ports system as much as
> possible.
> Am I missing something?? Is there something else I should try?

Well, going to 5.0 has been suggested, but moving off -STABLE seems
extreme when there are ports of the version you want. However, if you
want to compile your system with 3.2, going to -CURRENT - via
5.0-RELEASE - is the easiest solution.

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