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> Subject: commandline to remove a package and its dependencies
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> Dear list
> Stupid question again. Is there a commandline tool that I can use to
> remove a package 'wmaker', and then it will prompt me if I wish to
> remove packages that was required only by 'wmaker' and after wmaker is
> removed, become required by no other packages. Such packages existed
> only for 'wmaker' is very likely should be removed together with wmaker.

Hi Zhang,
you basically want to remove "leaves" from the package tree - install
pkg_cutleaves from ports :

pkg_cutleaves-20061113 Interactive script for deinstalling 'leaf' packages

I suggest you run it interactively, as well as creating a file with exclusions
(there are some leaves that you want to keep of course). I run it as :

[EMAIL PROTECTED] [Tue Jun 26 20:43:55 2007]
$ cat bin/show_pkg_leaves.sh
pkg_cutleaves -xcl

For something htat is part of the extant base:
# pkg_delete -rd quack-bark-9.9.9

Though you may want to add -n the first go.

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