Hi all

 I  need to configure a crontab  for a FreeBSD -6.2 box     .

To test it , as root user I entered a line into the /etc/crontab by using easyeditor as follows
50      21      *       *       *       root    /root/testcron

and I saved this.(cat /root/testcron  is   touch /root/desktop/Myfile)

and I tried to  do  as root user this   # /etc/rc.d/cron  restart

got O/P  as

Stopping cron.
Starting cron.

Then I tried to give   #crontab -l    But Output  is as this

don# crontab -l
crontab: no crontab for root

why this message is it working fine ? ya not how can I list crontab -l (the cronjobs for root)

Pls provide your suggestions

any way the Myfile is created by crontab , but why the message no cronjob for root ?

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