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> Hi Folks.
> I am FreeBSD 6.2-RELEASE user. i'm learning FreeBSD.
> Some times, i see people have a system named 6.2-RELEASE-pxx, where
> xx is a number. I know that -pxx are security patches, or not only
> security and too are patches for solve bugs?.

You must update you source tree by using csup (it's integrate in FreeBSD
now), with some config file like 

*default host=cvsup5.fr.freebsd.org compress
*default release=cvs
*default base=/usr/local/etc/cvsup
*default prefix=/usr
*default delete use-rel-suffix
*default tag=RELENG_6_2

After that you can read the file


wich containt the problem each patch level fix. And it's your «job» to
known if this problem affect you.

> My dude is: is very convenient have upgraded the kernel to this
> patches. I'm a home user, not a bussiness. Nothing "important"
> depend on my system.

I think you're Linux user ;-) 

The source tree containt all systeme. What's mean the kernel and the
userland (like cd/ls/etc.). 

Well you need to known if the patch-level is affect the userland or/and

But if you've a modern PC, you can make world. For that you can do:

        cd /usr/src
        make -DNO_PROFILE buildworld
        make buildkernel (add KERNELCONF=you_config_name, if you've custom 

        make installkernel (add KERNELCONF= etc....)

when you'r in boot menu choose item 4 for boot in single mode

when you obtaint something like shell press Return, you are in single mode
with only / mounted.

Type :

        mount -a -t ufs

        cd /usr/src
        make -DNO_PROFILE installworld (this thing install all userland)
        mergemaster (this thing make all etc_file in /tmp and do a big diff
                and ask you if you want install the new file or keep the
                old one).


After that you have a fresh kernel, and fresh userland. 

Hope that's help 


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