On Wed, Jun 27, 2007 at 10:27:56AM +0100, Barnaby Scott wrote:
>  What I _think_ I want to do is this:
>  Install Fetchmail to get mail from my various hosted mailboxes

Fetchmail works fine.

>  Configure Sendmail, which I accepted as the default mailer

I'd go for postfix. It's much easier to configure.

I've heard it said that it's easier and less painfull to amputate your
own leg with a pocket knife then to hack sendmail.cf. :)

>  Install Procmail to deliver messages in Maildir format (to users' home 
>  directories?)

Procmail is nice if you want to tie-in anti-spam or anti-virus tools on
a per user basis. 

Otherwise, I wouldn't bother. Sendmail and postfix can deliver directly
to user's mailboxes.

>  Install Courier IMAP as the IMAP server
>  Ultimately, then drop Fetchmail and reconfigure Sendmail for receiving mail 
>  directly, and add anti- spam and virus tools.

Don't forget to open port 25 in your firewall, otherwise you won't
receive a lot of mail. :) 

>  Have I got this about right? Do I really need 4 separate tools to do this? 
>  Have I overlooked something more obvious/elegant? Where are my big pitfalls 
>  going to be?

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