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- --On Wednesday, June 27, 2007 16:34:04 +0100 Tom Evans 

> I wasn't aware there was such a big problem with Wine + FreeBSD - is it
> just chance that I've experienced absolutely no errors at all running
> Lotus Notes R5 with wine from ports?

Very much so ... one of the biggest problems that we've been addressing is that 
FreeBSD's threading doesn't allow for cross process signally of threads ... we 
have a 'thr_kill()' function, but it only allows signalling a thread within the 
same process ...

Wine uses a two process model (not sure when they changed to it) where there is 
a 'master' (ie. NT kernel) with chid processes that get started up for the 
applications ... current FreeBSD model has no way for the master to signal the 
children ...

Tijl has created a patch for both FreeBSD and wine that adds a 'thr_kill2()' 
function that takes process id as an argument, allowing wineserver to talk to 
the application processes themselves ...

Now, I'm not 100% certain in which cases this is needed ... Tijl would be able 
to explain better ...

There are several other problems we've been able to address ... check out the 
URL I posted, Tijl explains what we've been able to accomplish so far ...

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