Special thanks to Roland, Nikola, Manolis, Peter, Giorgos, Jonathon
for some great replies on this thread.

I have now done a re-install from scratch. Essentially I have done
a 'minimal' install (no ports/pkgs)- wow, this took literally just 
a few minutes.

Next I 'portsnap fetch' and 'portsnap extract'

I then did 'make install' first for Xorg then next for Xfce4 metas.

And, yes, this took quite some time :)

Afterwards I have used the fetched ports for adding all the dekstop
stuff I like / use.

And on advice I will use portmaster to track events on these softs.

So, now I am happy with my new FreeBSD desktop. There are a few
small glitches though.

audacious - where did the plugins go? The site seems down as do the
alternatives. I tried the plugins src from OpenBSD altho slightyly
behind by 0.0.1 but cant get any sound?

I am using xmms now, I mainly play audio streams (www.somafm.com or

Is there any other player I 'should know about' ie is more actively
developed / supported? Beep? Zinf? Suggestions invited :)

And ... I cant mount my (other os) msdosfs as a user, Im sure I have
done this before, driving me nuts, cant think what I havent done?

--fstab entry--
/dev/ad0s5 /mnt/dosd    msdosfs rw 2    2
/dev/ad0s1 /mnt/dosc    msdosfs rw 2    2
/mnt etc is 666 owned by root:wheel and my user is part of wheel group?

And lastly, cups webmin:631 refuses my root password ... is this a
cupsd.conf setting ?

As usual any advice on above greatly appreciated.

Greetings from not so sunny North West UK !

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