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Subject: chown and chmod using crontab?

> I have a directory that 2 different groups have access to.
> When one group writes to the folder it retains the permissions
> of that group. I need the permissions to change to the permissions
> of the directory.
> I thought I could add a crontab in and run a little script every 1
> minute to set the correct permissions. The script does what it
> should when ran by the cmdline but not when I try to run it
> from the crontab.
> Is it not possible to run chmod and chown on a folder by using a
> crontab?

If you have two different groups that need write access in a directory, the
obvious solution, to me, is not to change ownership at 1 minute intervals,
but to create a third group, and make the people of both groups a member of
that third group. Then you give that directory write acces for that third

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