On Thursday 28 of June 2007 08:32:04 you wrote:
> Is it MOV? 
No it is an AVI file. 

> Anyway, do you have mplayer installed? 
No. I'm  going to install it today.

> This question is not about running a digicam as a regular user; this is
> about mounting your camera as a regular user. Search the archive; there
> are a lot of examples and brief HOW-TOs.
Thank you. I'll be check it.
> By the way, is your camera listed among supported devices in libgphoto2? 

I don't known it. I simply use digikam. It recognize my camera so I'm happy.
Ops ...
I checked it now. Yes my camera is supported.

> My  camera (Olympus Stylus800) is not supported yet. But as long as I can
> mount it and download all the pics/movies, I don't mind.
great :-)

> HTH,
> Andriy

Thanks a lot Andriy,
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