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> hi

Hi David,
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> I am trying to configure an old "cirix166-48Mo RAM" workstation.

you mean 48 Mb ? 

> But, FreeBSD 6.2 installed, Xorg crashes on 
> « Caught signal 11»

segfault 11 is, if memory serves me well, usually caused by dodgy hardware.
(RAM / L1 cache usually)

> I tried three drivers, mga, vesa and vga.

ok, from your Xorg log file, you have a 

Matrox Graphics, Inc. MGA 1064SG [Mystique]

card. mga 'should' be the right one, but i wonder whether it would try too hard
to get all the bells and whistles running, which may not be such a good idea in
an old machine. 

> The driver "mga" failed to load DRI module, which was not requested.

you can disable DRI  in your xorg.conf by commenting out the 

Load "dri"

I am not sure how to do it with a blank xorg.conf though. there should be some
parameter for xorgcfg (you are using it to generate a valid xorg file , right? )

> The log file, created with no "xorg.conf", can be uploaded here:
> http://david.marec.free.fr/public/Xorg.0.log
> It seems that i had the same problem when i tried to launch XUbuntu on it.

i imagine xubuntu is assuming newer hardware, and therefore more 'features'
enabled, which will definitely cause some problem for you.

> The only linux distribution that works is Damn Small Linux.

for (the same reasons)^(-1) as above.

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