Le 28/06/2007  13:22:11+0200, Jose Luis Alarcon Sanchez a écrit
> Thank very much for your reply.
You'r welcome.

> For the ports i use portsnap + portmanager. I am very "comfortable" with
> this "team" and i get keep easily my ports up to date.
> I think i understand the diference between stable (RELENG_6) and release
> (RELENG_6_2). If i decide "upgrade" my 6.2-RELEASE, it will to the current
> (RELENG_7)?, cos with my home computer, nothing to loose and much to learn.

No, after you install a Release version (for exemple you burn a ISO and
install FreeBSD 6.2) you can

Make classics update to fix security problem but you don't want new
features (typicaly on a sever)

        --> You use RELENG_6_2

You want use Stable version. That's mean some new features, but not big
difference (like kernel difference) etc... (typicaly you home-pc if you're
some power-user and you like have new version every day ;-)) )

        --> You use RELENG_6

> What state of "usability" have just now FreBSD 7.0 CURRENT?. Can i do the
> upgrade using csup?.

if you want participate (event just like for make test and make report) you
can use HEAD.

I'm never use -current not because the "usability" (I don't known...I never
use it), but because all my computer need to be run perfectly (lots of
server etc.)

I can say the with STABLE (RELENG_6 actually) during 5 years the're one
time it's don't work (pb with nic) but one day later after a new cycle
(cvsup build-world etc.) everthing work fine.

> Thanks very much, in advance.

No problem.



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