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please CC the list, so others can contribute / learn (now and from archives).

> Could you tell me what you're doing with spamassassin?  I've got it  
> configured and it seems to be running, but I'd like to know exactly  
> what you have configured and how you're doing it.

I'm using SA being called by amavisd-new. Mind you, this is for a small setup
(with rather quite a bit of spam), so this setup may not be the most perfomance

Just tell SA to add headers in all cases and you'll find out whether it's
working or not.

>  Are you using  
> spamd?  

not sure - it's almost 2 AM here...i'm going to hit the sack as I have an
earlish start - i'll try to dig out the config from that mail server and send
it out, but i can't promise it'll happen tomorrow - DO ping me if i haven't
done it after the w/end.

> I would like to - don't know how.  Also, I'd like to redirect  
> *****SPAM***** messages into a users SPAM IMAP folder.  Do you know  
> how to do that?

I am not sure how to do it - we simply fwd as usual all the email, let our few
users to clean them up (and puts the blame of any false positives far away from
us too)

>   What do you use for a front end?

Dovecot IMAP. Postfix for SMTP. everything clear and TLS enabled.

> Are you using  
> virtual users?

> Thanks!  I'm a new postfix user and am still trying to figure  
> everything out.

just go over the man pages and postfix's site. the interaction with amavisd and
SA , and the flowing in and out of mails is where it gets interesting.

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