im debating upgrading my server to a 64bit processor.

right now, all my machines are i386.  i keep one copy of the sources on my 
fastest machine, and i buildworld and various kernels on that machine, and 
then just do the standard mount /usr/src and /usr/obj from other systems, and 
installworld and kernels.  

so what happens when i throw amd64 into the mix?  i know about the 
TARGET_ARCH=arch setting, but how about the filesystem of /usr/obj?  is all 
the 64bit stuff still seperated?  how do i make sure it doesnt get all mixed 
up?  is it realistically possible to continue to keep one repository for all 
my machines on the network, reguardless of the machines architecture?

btw, im considering transferring this role to this new amd64 box, as it would 
be quite a bit faster than my i386.

Jonathan Horne
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