On 6/28/07, Roberto Nunnari <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
Thank you Gilbert.

I think I will give that a try.

But it seams to me that is not the solution.. it may
be a workaround but not a solution.. It seams to me
that early_late_divider is in case you mount a FS
like /usr/local where there are startup scripts executed
at the late stages of the boot process.. and that's
not my case.. my case is that the em0 interface, somehow
gets ready too late.. it doesn't react in a responsive
way to the up command.. I have other boxes with different
NICs, mounting that FS without problem and without
the early_late_divider option.

Can anybody tell why this strange behaviour started
after upgrading from 5.3-RELEASE to 6.1-RELEASE (that
was last summer or early fall). May it be related with
the problems of the em driver? Is there a solution?

is there a way to tell the boot system to wait until
ifconfig_em0 is be up?

or a way to have em0 responde up before in the boot stage?

Thank you again.
Best regards.


Lowell Gilbert wrote:
> Roberto Nunnari <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
>> ..but on the other box (the em0 one that at the second
>> retry will succed to mount the NFS FS) is there since
>> I upgraded it from 5.3-RELEASE to 6.1-RELEASE
>> Again.. any hints?
> I think you're looking for the early_late_divider as described in the
> manual for rc.conf(5).

if you are using dhcp there is an option to run dhcp in the
background, which means the system doesn't stop and wait for dhcp to
configure the address. So if you are using dhcp take a look at the
dhcp variables in the rc.conf manpage

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