There is a project out there to try to emulate the Microsoft NetBIOS
on MS Exchange to allow clients like Outlook to share calendaring.  The
reports are that it doesen't work that well.  I don't know if they have gone
past exchanging mail with it.  But I do not recommend that approach.

I recommend that users jettison Outlook calendar entirely and switch to
a web interfaced calendar that you run on a webserver.  However, often
users don't want to do this and if that is the case you still can run a
shared calendar on a webserver, you just have to designate an admin to
be in charge of it.

In that scenario, users that want to make private calendar entries in their
Outlook calendars can continue to do that.  If they want to make a shared
calendar entry then they either send an e-mail to the calendar admin
person, or they make the appointment in their personal Outlook
calendar, then once the appointment is made they open the appointment
and do a File Save As and save the appointment to a vcalendar file, then
e-mail the vcalendar file to the calendar admin.

When the calendar admin either imports the vcalendar file into the master
web-based calendar, or just reads the e-mail and enters the appointment,
the admin can then export a vcalendar file from the appointment on the
master calendar and e-mail it to all users in the organization and when
they get the vcalendar file they just click on it and it will import into
personal Outlook calendars.

It is really a lot easier to just tell the users to use the master
calendar.  After all they have to be connected to the network to send and
receive e-mail, so when they are doing that it is no trouble to call up a
browser and look at the master calendar.  And they can of course export
the appointments from the webinterface on the master calendar to their
own Outlooks, and even to their own PDAs and such, by themselves if
they insist on continuing to use Outlook calendar.  The better master
programs allow users to run their own calendars on the calendar server.


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> Hi list,
> I have server running postfix + courier-imap, and I'm looking for
> someway to add possibility to exchange calendars/contacts/meeting
> invitations/etc between mail clients.
> Can someone recommend calendar, that is compatible with windows clients
> and can be run under FreeBSD?
> Thanks in advance.
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