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> I prefer uw-imap for IMAP and sendmail for MTA.  I have found
> that since PHP imap extensions uses the uw-imap library and
> many webmail interfaces use php imap extensions, that there is
> less trouble with the client and server talking to each other
> when they are using the same library.  (the uw-imap server
> is built using the c-client library that php-extensions uses)

in this particular server we use roundcube as webmail doing imap to localhost,
easy  as pie.Never cared about which imap libs were used on the client vs the
server side.... nor I think one should (unless you are trying to save on build
time / space /  libraries involved). 

> IMHO your better off using procmail to scan the stuff with
> spamassassin and clamav, rather than using something like
> amavisd to call those programs.  There's tons more procmail
> support out on the Internet, it has been in use longer.  And
> you can use webmin and usermin to allow users to build their
> own procmail recipies.

I can see your point , thanks for the insight :) 

Of course, it assumes that the users care about procmail recipes and the like ;)

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