Hi there again,

>> Great! OK I am encouraged to give it a try. But hardware-wise I will
>> need
>> to NICs and plug my modem line into one NIC and then the other NIC will
>> be
>> used to connect the Dlink router. I figure the Dlink router essentially
>> becomes redundant but it is a wireless machine so I would like to use it
>> anyway.
> you'll need 2 nics, right.
> If you use the wireless in the DSL modem, you'll be bypassing the BSD
> server.

Just one question here. If I plug the router to the lan NIC and configure
it to take DHCP and DNS settings from the BSD box, then the wireless will
not bypass the BSD machine, will it?

> what I have planned to do is use a non-wireless DSL modem in bridged mode
> (DLINK 504T), connect to the BSD box.
> BSD box  with 2 NICs ('wan' and 'lan') as well as a DLINK G520 PCI
> Wireless
> card (Atheros chipset) and make the BSD box the wireless AP.

I see. I can do the same but that would render the wireless Dlink useless
so I wonder if I can still use it and control connections via the BSD

Thank you very much!

Zbigniew Szalbot

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