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What I am trying to do is compile an amd64 kernel, install it and
see what happens ;) I can always go back to the generic kernel
compiled in sys/i386.

amd64 and i386 are different platforms in the same sense that sparc64
and ppc are different platforms. An AMD 64 is not back-compatible to
pentium pro code  when it's in 64-bit mode. Whilst 32-bit binaries can
be run on the amd64 platform, they need special handling, you can't
just mix-and-match world and kernel platforms.

Thanks, RW. I had assumed that and had hoped to run my make buildworld, make buildkernel, mergemaster, make installkernel and make installworld then upgrade all ports.

The problem is that I haven't been able to figure out, how to build using all amd64.

Again very dumb on my part, I'm sure.

As RW has said before it's possible. However, it's better and no doubt quicker to go about starting from scratch.

Hi Garrett,

I have decided to do that one machine at a time but for now I'm just going to keep all as is. It seems to be working fine on both current and releng with the standard intel compilation. I just ordered a new machine that I will setup with current amd64 for evaluation and then decide after I've actually used it.

Thanks to all for helping me get my feet back on the ground.

have a great weekend,

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