I asked in my last mail to this mailing-list how I can make a FreeBSD
image for Xen.

But I also discovered that the kernel you have to use following the
Handbook (chapter is a "binary-blob".

Nowhere do you find a config file so that you can make an own kernel
if you want.

I looked at the site where the Handbook links to
There you find a subdir named "config" but the configuration file for
the kernel is missing,

I looked at the Wiki of Xensource and there in an old Howto for Xen
with FBSD 5.5.
In this article you find a URL where you get more info for the setup:
But on this site you also only find "binary
files/blobs/call-it-what-you-want" for the image and kernel.

I hope someone can "de-mystify" the things.

Thanks in advance.
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