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> > Great! OK I am encouraged to give it a try. But hardware-wise I
> > will need to NICs and plug my modem line into one NIC and then the
> > other NIC will be used to connect the Dlink router. I figure the
> > Dlink router essentially becomes redundant but it is a wireless
> > machine so I would like to use it anyway.
> you'll need 2 nics, right. 

I'm not sure that's true. If you're bridging PPPoE then you can access
the internet on the tun i/f  and the lan on the NIC's normal ethernet

I do that with my Draytek Vigor 100 modem which has extra ports for
the purpose, you can do it with a lot of DSL routers too. I've never
used a wireless router, but I would imagine that the wireless clients
would simply behave as if they are on the LAN. 

If that works then it would allow the FreeBSD machine to firewall the
wireless clients too without any additional hardware. Although I'm not
sure if it's possible to bridge PPP through a separate router, as
opposed to a combined DSL-modem-router, but it's worth a try.

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