Gaye Abdoulaye wrote:
ADSL line. At some point I would like to use an old pc with freebsd on it
to sit between the router and the rest of my home network.
If your are searching a BSD like solution, you have pfsense:
But what I use  IPCOP:
With some addons like *BlockOutTraffic (BOT)*, SQUIDGUARD, and others

I'll 2nd the suggestion for IPCop  It's Linux, not BSD -- not my 
first OS choice, but it's a mature, feature laden product (that already has 
squid built in) that is better and more secure than something you could whip up 
yourself in a weekend.

See the doc page
, particularly "features" and "software used" to get an idea of the extensive 

There's also m0n0wall that's BSD based, but very stripped 

And these guys have lots of good stuff for DIYers.

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