On 6/29/07, kalin mintchev <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>>  What I did was to install the native freebsd jdk,
>> that is diablo-jdk (port java/diablo-jdk) and then I installed
>> java/jdk-15 port.
> i'll try that. thanks... will report how it went...

didn't do much. it installed very quickly
I do not know how you installed diablo-jdk it but it definitely takes
time when installed from ports. First it asks you to download the
sources for diablo-jdk from
http://www.freebsdfoundation.org/downloads/java.shtml. Due to
licensing issues you have to manually download it to
/usr/ports/distfiles after you accept the license agreement and rerun
'make install' for diablo-jdk port.

I myself have been using diablo-jdk on my developement laptop and it
is fully-operational JDK. If you require some JDK, diablo-jdk will do
fine. If you require specifically Sun JDK, there are more steps.

but after i run the make in the
jdk15 port again i got the same errors.....
I was able to roughly recall my memories on how I installed sun-jdk.
First, I started java/jdk-15 port (sun jdk) and it asked me to
manually download to /usr/ports/distfiles java sources from sun's
site. After I fetched them and rerun the installation for java/jdk-15,
it installed some of its dependencies and failed at installing
java/linux-sun-jdk-15, again asking me to fetch some file from sun's
site. This time the file was the java precompiled binaries for linux
and after I fetched it, the installation process for java/jdk-15 was
able to start the installation for java/linux-sun-jdk-15. I did not
monitor the process closely from now  on but it failed again. Then I
simply installed java/diablo-jdk-15 and it went fine. Then I returned
to java/jdk-15, cleaned the port, repeated the installation and it

not really sure about those arguments calls/methods....
If you can, please paste them here. I am curious about them.

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wasn't tangra a rock band in the 80's?!
Yes, it was. Then there as a Bulagrian radio with the same name, which
now an Internet radio and broadcats at the address above.


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