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> > If you use the wireless in the DSL modem, you'll be bypassing the BSD
> > server.
> Just one question here. If I plug the router to the lan NIC and configure
> it to take DHCP and DNS settings from the BSD box, then the wireless will
> not bypass the BSD machine, will it?

You can do it in the following ways:

1) Box with one NIC
        - connect the box to your home network
        - disable DSL router`s DHCP for your home network
        - start dhcpd on the box giving ip addresses to your home clients and 
them that the box itself is the gateway, run squid or whatever you want to 
capture your clients' traffic and filter them, then the box users the DSL 
router for gateway
        - disadvantages: if your kids are smart they will just change their 
so that it`s not the box, but the DSL router and override your filtering

2) Same as above, but say DSL`s home ip is you give the box, then give the box another ip (alias) and tell the dhcpd 
on the box to give ip adresses from the network to the client. 
The idea is to use 2 networks, one box <-> clients, the other for dsl router 
<-> box
        - disadvantages: again if your kids are smart they`ll just set 
some static ip from the dsl router`s network and browse. They just have to 
figure out router`s ip and network :) as in the above case

3) Box with 2 NICs and wireless NIC
        - disable dsl router`s wireless NIC
        - connect dsl router to NIC1 on the box
        - connect NIC2 to home net
        - setup the box wireless as Access Point
        - bridge NIC2 and the wireless NIC on the box
        - run your filter

4) Forget about the DSL router. Box with wireless NIC, 1 NIC for home net, 1 
NIC for the DSL
        - same as above, just have to tell your box how to connect to your ISP

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