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yea...  i did all that stuff for both ports too. all the downloads, etc.
i've been using freebsd as main os on my laptops for 5 years now - have
never used windows. and java has historically been a pain in the ass to
set up on freebsd.
Well, except the problems with linux-sun-jdk, i found diablo-jdk easy
to install.

right now i just wanted it to use it for openoffice. the thing is after i
did diablo there is a java vm installed
So you installed diablo-jdk successfully, right?

but the openoffice i got on this
install using the pkg_add is complaining about it. the setup script
crashes and hangs. of course there is a large log on it but i also have a
day job...
I installed openoffice from ports as well, it compiled for 12 hours :)
If you have diablo-jdk just try to install it from ports as well. I
myself prefer ports to packages.

one thing i did forget about is to clean the jdk15 port. stupid. anyway....
it's doing it now again....
how long did it take to build on your machine?
I do not remember :)

>> not really sure about those arguments calls/methods....
> If you can, please paste them here. I am curious about them.

if it happens again i'll send you the whole output...

>> wasn't tangra a rock band in the 80's?!
> Yes, it was. Then there as a Bulagrian radio with the same name, which
> now an Internet radio and broadcats at the address above.

yea...  i saw that. interesting. is the radio out of bulgaria?
Yes, it is, I am listening to it from US.


Tangra Mega Rock: http://www.radiotangra.com
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