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As far as I remember, when installing FBSD I chose not to install Linux binary compatibility (not sure if that matters though). But my question is more general. Can Linux software be safely (and securely) used on a unix platform? I am happy to use squid and dansguardian, especially that for a home network I do not need a complete software suites, do I?

IPCop that was suggested is NOT a stand-alone application that you can run in linux compat mode. It's an entire linux distro, with O/S, servers and apps all pre-installed & configured. It needs to be installed on a dedicated machine; although the hardware requirements are minimal and it doesn't need to be a fast machine. It might run on a virtual PC if you just wanted to test drive it. It's a 15MB .ISO file you burn to CD and boot to the installer. It can be installed to a bootable USB key if your machine supports those.

If you have an old IDE drive 250MB or bigger (everybody does, right?) throw it in a spare machine and try it. You'll need a 2nd NIC unless your WAN connection is serial. I run it with the old 4-port Adaptec NICs found on Ebay for $10.

I know some of ya' are grumbling that I'm advocating or even mentioning a linux based package here, but it is a rather kick-ass package, and it is at least non-windoze and open-source ;)


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