At 07:14 PM 6/29/2007, you wrote:
So, is running portupgrade -a a good idea, as you likely haven't checked for issues
for your system?

I just started using portupgrade recently, and no, I would NOT let it rip with the --all option.

I find it's most useful for the libraries and required packages that don't need any compile-time options nor config files. Those sorta things I install from packages anyway. So I started with a list of stuff that required compile time control and/or configuration. "ls /var/db/ports" and pkg-info are a good start... Then run "portupgrade -aiP" -i asks for confirmation on each, and -P tries to get it from packages (binary) rather than ports. Let that update all the "background" junk.

Than go back and research and possibly manually remake & install the primary apps (eg: apache, samba, squid, in my case.)

   HTH, -RW

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