> Re: Starting again from Scratch
> On 27/06/07, Roland Smith <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> On Wed, Jun 27, 2007 at 09:51:16PM +0100, Graham Bentley wrote:
> > And ... I cant mount my (other os) msdosfs as a user, Im sure I have
> > done this before, driving me nuts, cant think what I havent done?
> >
> > --fstab entry--
> > /dev/ad0s5 /mnt/dosd  msdosfs rw 2    2
> > /dev/ad0s1 /mnt/dosc  msdosfs rw 2    2
> > /mnt etc is 666 owned by root:wheel and my user is part of wheel
> > group?
> The directory where you want to mount must be _owned_ by the user.
> Also, not having (at least) o+x on directories will cause
> hair pulling . . .

Oddly, if I make the directories /dosd and /dosc change the owner
to admin:wheel and update my fstab I can access those as my user 
(admin) but not when fstab is as quoted above ie under /mnt? I dont 
get this as I have often used /mnt/dos type scheme in the past? It
seems as though /mnt has some special property? Perhaps I need to go
back to basics of chmod in symbolic mode?
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