Garrett Cooper wrote:
Jonathan Horne wrote:
On Saturday 30 June 2007 16:46:36 Dave wrote:
I've got a 6.2 box with a dvd writer in it. I want to back up some dvds
to iso files so i can recreate the dvds at a later time should it be
needed. I can use dvdbackup to backup in to a directory structure, but i'd rather not mount, create the directory, and iso, i'd rather make the iso
directly from the dvd. Any pointers on this?

dd if=/dev/acd0 of=/path/to/filename.iso bs=1024

this is how i make my .iso files of data disks.


Both previous answers assume that you're not trying to backup copyrighted CDs. In that case you need to deCSS them first, but you're on your own with that.

Which is technically trivially done with:
is compiled with:

... assuming it is legal where you live, or you own the copyright
of some CSS-scrambled content, of course. ;-)

But it won't give you an ISO yet; though backing
that stuff up with growisofs is easy enough.



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