> I'm somewhat puzzled.
> The only helpful instruction I have found on the use of the Fixit disk are these:
> "You will then be placed into a shell with a wide variety of commands available
> (in the /stand  and /mnt2/stand directories) for checking, repairing and
> examining file systems and their contents. Some UNIX administration experience
> is required to use the fixit option."
> Surely there must be something more comprehensive than this?

ls /stand/bin and /mnt2/bin, and possibly /stand/usr/bin and
/mnt2/usr/bin. Then read the manual pages for each of those commands
on Unix.

There are also some writeups on the FreeBSD web site on

In general, fixit mode is only useful if you know how to fix a broken
unix system using standard unix commands, as that what it gives

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