On 01/07/07, kalin mintchev <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
hi all...

what wold be the the device that is equivalent of /dev/dv1394/0?
it's for kino's install...

Not having any firewire myself, a quick
googodge leads me to believe that you
should look at your dmesg for things
under fwohci* and firewire*

/usr/src/sys/dev/firewire/00README is pretty old:

| 6. DV
|          I have not tested yet.
| 7. Tested HW
|         OS
|         - FreeBSD-4/i386
|         - FreeBSD-4/alpha
|         - FreeBSD-5/i386

Still, you may get lucky.  Posting the relevant
bits of your dmesg here may help.

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