* Gary Jennejohn ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:
> "local.freebsd.questions" writes:
> > >********************************************************
> > >Define WITH_MATROX_GXX_DRIVER to include Matrox's extra
> > >"HALLIB" binary driver
> > >********************************************************
> > 
> > And indeed it then pulled down drivers from the Matrox
> > site and I see mga_hal is loaded in the X log. Amazing!
> > 
> > I had thought that these drivers were for Linux only.
> > 
> It's not a driver, it's a moduke for X and apparently is pretty
> much OS independent.
> > The question immediately arises, in what way is XFree86
> > better with these drivers (on a G400) than the normal
> > open-source drivers? If it's only enabling TV out then
> > on a bog-standard G400 I won't see any benefit I guess.
> > 
> I don't know about the G400, but's it's the only way I can use the
> DVI output on my G550.
> I can't address the other questions.

Here is more info about the HAL library:


a relevant snippet:

  The Matrox HAL ("Hardware Abstraction Layer") library is required 
  to enable DualHead, TV output, and digital flat panel support with 
  G400-based graphics hardware. The HAL library is required for 
  certain PowerDesk features such as adjusting refresh rates and 
  display positioning, and using "DualHead Multi-Display - Merged" 


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