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And there isn't any content I've felt deprived to not get.

Obviously, folks who spend their free time (or work-time :-))
watching youtube would feel differently, but...
Personally, I disagree. Many sites that I use, including business
sites, require the use of Flash. Your statement that Flash is only
relevant for those who view 'YouTube' is grossly incorrect. It is due
to the numerous problems of getting Flash to work correctly under
FreeBSD, regardless of which browser the end user is employing, that
I keep a Windows machine so as to facilitate the viewing of Flash

IMHO, this is one of the reasons that more users do not use
alternative operating systems like FBSD. ...

Can anyone comment on how well Flash9 works in a real Linux

In particular does it have the problem where the flash item turns
into a blank box after a few seconds. If that problem exists in Linux
there's a decent chance it will get fixed by Adobe.

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I will say that my limited use with Debian testing (Lenny) and Flash was actually quite pleasant. Flash worked on almost all sites very well.

I'm not all that familiar with the process that the FreeBSD Foundation went through to get Java binaries but I am wondering if they could do something similar with Adobe to get a native Flash on FreeBSD. How possible is this? I know this probably goes against everything that BSD stands for but money talks in this day and age.'

Would it be worth pursuing some kind of license agreement with Adobe so that the community or Adobe could start working on a native Flash for FreeBSD?

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