Andrew Gould wrote:
I received permission to install a *nix at work.  I installed FreeBSD 6.2; but 
I am unable to cvsup successfully.  I've tried the various modes.  I've even 
tried nesting it in a Python script that tries to get authorization through a 
proxy -- it didn't help, but was worth a try.

I really, really, really want to get past the xorg 7* issue before I have a lot 
of applications installed.

If a computer at home is up-to-date, can I:

1.  Delete /usr/src/*,  /usr/ports/* and /usr/doc/* from the work computer; and

2.  copy the /usr/src/*,  /usr/ports/* and /usr/doc/* from the home computer?

Is it as simple as that?

On more thing. I usually csup /usr/src, /usr/ports and /usr/doc on one
machine, and then rsync those directories to a lot of other machines
on an internal network. Works like a charm, and conserves bandwidth




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