I'd like a functional 7.0 on my laptop, mainly since I have no
mission-critical data there (all in cvs), and the acpi support for
newer laptops in 6.2 is crap (tried. no fun.).  I can't seem to get a
usable system with the snapsot iso, however.  Lots of stuff gives
errors.  I burned 2 cd's (one cd-r, other cd-rw, different brands) on
2 different computers, so I presume it's not a burner issue, and I've
never had a problem with the drive on the laptop.

My current issue is needing the src dist to build the ndis wrapper for
may crappy wlan.

I'd be happy enough to get src from the ftp site, but so far as I can
tell, the only thing for 7.0 is the snapshot, no 7.0/src folder.

What's the 'right' way to do this?  I don't see much on it in the
handbook, but my experience with the handbook is I'm usually looking
in the wrong place, so I'm all ears for someone to set me straight.

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