> We have
> no specialists in UNIX systems, but we have a great need of measuring
> IP-traffic via the server. Can we use any standard commands for this
> purpose or do we need to get a special program for it?

MRTG is probably what you're looking for:  it produces graphs, updated every
five minutes by default, that show the level of traffic going in and out
of your server.  It's more for seeing how traffic has been over time (it keeps
statistics for a year), rather than seeing what's happening right this very second.
(If right-this-moment information is what you're after, ask about trafshow.)
It's in ports, so to install it you could either fetch it precompiled:

# pkg_add -r mrtg

or compile it yourself if you have the ports tree installed:

# cd /usr/ports/net/mrtg && make install distclean

(To see if you have the ports tree installed, do "ls /usr/ports"; if you see
lots of directories, you've got it.  The first method is probably easier... )

MRTG uses SNMP to get its traffic numbers, and the graphs it generates
are usually displayed via web pages -- so in addition to MRTG itself, you'd usually
need a web server like Apache, and an SNMP daemon like Net-SNMP or UCD-SNMP.

You can find more info on MRTG and some examples of how to use it at the website:


Hope this helps!


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