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Ariff Abdullah <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> Show me the output of
> #fstat|grep '\(\(dsp\|audio\|dspW\|mixer\)[0-9]\|\(snd\|midi\)stat\)'
> .. before/after opening skype.

Hi Ariff :) 

I haven't had the problem since.But i decided to check with fstat...and I was
amazed at the number of file descriptors (to /dev/[sound_related]) that skype
keeps open.

I use skype extensively, both for chat + voice. I've had skype running for over
12 hours, probably 24 hours (my uptime says 1 day 21 hours...so maybe as long
as that). When  I run your command, I got 2700+ entries  - all but 2 were
skype's!  You can see it for yourself at


I then shut down skype :

And opened it again, waited it to log in and go another snapshot:
http://www.meijome.net/files/freebsd/20070706/withskype.txt (no changes really).

I then did a test call to the skype test call bot, while the call was running i

which is , i suppose, ok... but AFTER the call, I still had several entries
left over:

Is this normal / expected? 

Thanks again for all your help.

{Beto|Norberto|Numard} Meijome

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