Daniel Molina Wegener wrote:
On Thursday 05 July 2007 14:16:42 Tom Grove wrote:
Has anyone successfully used the OSS in 6.2?  I have an Intel
HDA card that I would like to be able to record on but when I
use the OSS program and modules I get nothing but garbled
tones coming from the speakers. The osstest utility also
reports errors of timeouts.



I have an Intel HDA card too, I'm using 6.2-STABLE, where the
driver of 7.0-CURRENT from where has been merged into 6.2.

It works fine... try updating the source tree with csup or
cvsup and recompile the kernel and world.

The driver is snd_hda, with snd_hda_load="YES" in boot loader
may work.

OSS sometimes isn't a good options, I think that HDA matches the

Are you able to record with that driver?

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