We finally determined the root of this problem. One of the system's memory modules was apparently going bad. When it failed permanently, the system crashed and would not reboot. We swapped out the memory (all Regsistered memory) and have not had problems since.

Thanks to the list for the efforts!


(Below is a reply drafted a long while back - included mostly to thank Beto...the rest of it is no longer relevant.)

Thank you very much for your reply, Beto.

I appreciate your point re:  drive age. I only mentioned it because I had
stated the age of the server at 5 years and hoped to forestall suggestions
that an older drive might be likely to have issues. However, I did follow
your suggestion and smartctl reports the drive to be in good health.

I misspoke - we did not upgrade, really, but did a fresh install of 6.1 on
the new drive and manually copied all user files, databases, PERL scripts,
etc. to the new drive. We had been running 4.7 and, since there was not a
direct route for upgrading, we did it the hard way.

Your advice re: copying & renaming GENERIC is well taken - that is, in fact,
exactly what we did. Further, as advised in the manual, we moved it from
/usr/src to a different directory and created a sym link to avoid
inadvertently overwriting it. We did not rename the ident line, but it seems
unlikely that that oversight would prevent the kernel from making.

Were any of the errors described familiar?

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Addendum: For what it's worth, the 250Gb Samsung drive was added when the
system was upgraded - it's only 3-4 months old.

that doesnt mean much - drives can (and do) fail anyway. I suggest you run
smartctl ( sysutils/smartmontools ) to run tests on your drive and ensure
don't have any actual problems with it

btw, you don't mention from what version you had upgraded to 6.1. Did you
do a
full world upgrade as well as kernel?

from your previous email, you ended up having some kernel build problems.
1) it is good practise to rename your kernel file (and ident line inside
from GENERIC once you've modified it. It makes it obvious to see whether
are truly running the same GENERIC as everyone else.

2) make sure you have the latest and proper code for your line of src you
(eg, -STABLE , or RELEASE-p5 ,etc). You should use cvsup for this. If you
them, the default config files are in /usr/share/examples/cvsup/ .

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