Oh god i apologize for the unacceptable asnwer; i was probably half-asleep when i responded previously :-P

yes, theres no support as far as i know for darwin ufs for freebsd, from what i understand darwin ufs is gonna be the next filesystem for apple to ditch, and for 10.5 they will be using sun's zfs filesystem. theres also development going on for zfs support in the freebsd kernel.

the only thing ive done before in a situation like this is to backup the data (copy to alt disk) on the ufs, delete the ufs filesystem and replace it with hfs+ and restore the backup back onto it - assuming you didnt plan for that ufs partition to be bootable or anything. hfs+ is supported in freebsd.

I hope that's a more reasonable suggestion - looks like the coffee helped :-P

Thor Lancelot Simon wrote:
Can I, on a system running FreeBSD 6.2 or -current, safely mount a
UFS filesystem created (and used) on Mac OS 10.4.10?  These filesystems
are UFS1 (at fslevel 3) with big-endian datastructures in the metadata,
4k blocks and 1k fragments, and a few minor oddities in their layout;
they are pretty much exactly the UFS NeXT used on their workstations.

If so, Will such a filesystem be safe to mount under OS X after I use it
on FreeBSD?

I seem to be able to mount these under NetBSD though the snapshot code
complains that inodes 64 and 16384 are not dedicated to snapshots.

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