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Gary Kline <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

        I was able to find, ldown load and instal the DOS/Windows ssh
        utility, but am having trouble scp'ing stuff between my BSD side
        and my W2K server.  Anybody know what file I have to modify to
        get permission on the windows computer?

OK - there are two scenarios:

1) Running the command from a Windows command shell to/from BSD
  (really pscp, right? - that's what comes with putty):

     pscp [EMAIL PROTECTED]:sourcefile localfile   - Copies file from BSD to 
     pscp localfile [EMAIL PROTECTED]:destfile     - Copies local file to BSD

  This should work out of the box assuming there are no authentication
  or firewall problems in the way.  If you're running WinXP/Vista
  you may have to open the Windows firewall to permit this.  You
  can see what's going on by having pscp be "verbose" by sticking
  a -v flag into the command:

    pscp -v .....

2) Running the command from BSD to/from Windows

   This is harder.  You have to be running a ssh daemon (sshd)
   on your Windows machine.  This is very doable, but you'll
   need something like cygwin to get sshd for Windows and then
   you'll have to configure it appropriately.  The good thing
   about this (although it is kind of a pain) is that it gets
   around an interesting limitation in WinDoze.  Microsoft does
   allow you to telnet into your Windows client machine but it
   only allows ONE such login at a time (because, if you wanted
   more than one login, surely you need WinDoze Server ... which
   is WAY more money).  If you install sshd on your machine, you
   now have more-or-less unlimited logins via ssh from other machines.
   Similarly, on Windows Server, you probably need a CAL for each
   telnet connection.  I do not quite understand Microsoft's licensing
   terms (does anyone?), but it _may_ be the case that running sshd
   on a Windows Server and using ssh to get to it _may_ get you
   around paying for extra CALs. YLFMV (Your Legal Fees May Vary).

You didn't provide any particulars (in the future, an exact description
of what is- and is not working is VERY useful for those of us trying
to help ;), but, if I had to guess, I'd say you're having one of two

   1) You're trying to do the file copy from BSD to/from Windows
      and you don't have an sshd daemon running on Win32.

   2) You're trying initiate the copy from Windows (which should work),
      but the Windows firewall is blocking the connection.


P.S. If anyone tells anyone else that I know this stuff about Windows
     I will deny it loudly and come looking for you.  I do not need
     any more conversations that start with, "Oh, you're a computer
     engineer - I have this problem with my/childrens'/wife's/dog's
     Windows machine..." :)

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