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I am trying to make vpnc working on my FreeBSD 6.2 laptop to connect to a Cisco
3000 VPN concentrator without any luck.  Has anybody been successful on this?
Is there any guide on this?


We have one (I believe it is a 3000) in our colo facility. I just recently colaborated with a co-worker in getting vpnc working on our non-Windoes machines. He is on Mandrake and I'm on FreeBSD 6.2. The following config is what worked for me. Of course, you will have to substitute your info for 'IPSec gateway', 'IPSec ID', and 'IPSec obfuscated secret' or 'Xauth username' and 'Xauth password'. We use the secret for authentication. So the username and password are specified as nothing so the prompt doesn't come up when starting the VPN connection.


IPSec gateway
IPSec ID my-ipsec-id
IPSec obfuscated secret the_obfuscated_secret
# empty strings here for uname and pass get rid of prompts
Xauth username ''
Xauth password ''
Vendor cisco
Local Port 10000

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