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> Hello,
> I currently have php 4.4.7 on my FBSD machine but due to some
> requirements I need to downgrade to php 4.3.10. It will be for an
> offline machine so I am not worried about possible security holes
> but I would like to ask how you would advise me to downgrade?
> 1. Delete php using pkg_delete?
> 2. Unpack 4.3.10 sources and... yes... what should I do here?
> Just copy them where php gets installed by default?
> I am not able to use port for this (I usually install all software
> via portinstall) as this version is no longer maintained.
> But I'd appreciate your help. I do not want to make mess on this
> machine as I have it quite nicely customized so I thought I'd ask
> for your advice.
> Thank you!
> Zbigniew Szalbot

I would take a look at cvsweb.freebsd.org and find out when PHP 4.3.10 
was in ports, then roll back your ports tree to that date with cvsup 
and install it from ports.

So in this case the commit that updated the port to 4.3.11 was on Mon 
April 4 2005, so if you roll back the ports tree to April 1 you'll be 

You'll need cvsup for this.

In your ports-supfile add the following line:

*default date=2005.

If you have the current versions of gettext, libtool, m4, perl, and 
expat installed you can simply roll back the lang directory with 
cvsup, saving you from rolling back the entire tree by commenting out 
ports-all, and uncommenting ports-base and ports-lang

Otherwise, if you want to install the versions of the dependancies 
that were current at the time of php 4.3.10 you'll want to roll back 
the entire tree.

After you run cvsup you can just portinstall it or 
cd /usr/ports/lang/php4 && make install clean



Josh Paetzel

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